15 Ton Condensing Gas Steam Boiler In Yili Dairy

15 Ton Condensing Gas Steam Boiler In Yili Dairy

15 Ton Condensing Gas Steam Boiler In Yili Dairy

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Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is the largest and most complete product line in China. It ranks first in the Asian dairy industry and the top 8 in the global dairy industry. It is also the only dairy company in the country that meets both the Olympic and World Expo standards.

Yili Group's Zhangbei, Changchun, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Hubei and other branches have used China condensing gas steam boilers, and the boilers provided by China fully meet the disinfection and sterilization requirements of Yili dairy products.

Project proposals

After several cooperations between the two parties, in October 2017, Weifang Yili Dairy Co., Ltd. once again cooperated with China Boiler Co., Ltd. to sign three 15-condensed integrated condensing gas steam boilers. According to the company's demand for product production, one, two or three units can be selected to effectively solve the energy waste caused by quarterly differences.


The front smoke box is hinged for easy cleaning and maintenance of the furnace and pipe.

The front smoke box door and the door panel adopt double-layer sealing structure, high-quality insulation material, good sealing and heat preservation performance.

The low-resistance and high-efficiency threaded pipe replaces the traditional light pipe, and the FGR technology allows the exhaust gas to be reused to maximize the thermal efficiency.

The flue gas waste heat recovery adopts high-efficiency steel-aluminum composite spiral finned tube, and the heat exchange surface is sufficient, and the resistance of the flue gas side system is small.

The differential pressure detection and the unique design of the variable frequency water supply system make the boiler run more stable.

The self-developed PLC automatic intelligent control system allows the user to complete the use and control of the boiler with a simple operation.

The system automatically records the operation of the boiler and the situation when the fault occurs, which is convenient for later maintenance and repair.

Multiple water level and pressure protection, precise pressure control, automatic boiler load regulation, power supply abnormal protection, time setting, smoke temperature super high alarm, on-line scale monitoring in the pot, combustion system ignition program control and flameout protection, flame adjustment, detection, etc. The design and implementation of the company is to make customers feel at ease, peace of mind and peace of mind.

Client Feedback

Yili Dairy has always maintained a long-lasting and good cooperation with our company. Yili Company expressed its full trust to our company in terms of the use of boilers. “Many subsidiaries of our group are purchasing boilers from the side, and the operation has been very stable for many years. The fast customer service system also brings us a lot of convenience. After calling 400-100-9030 hotline, the questions can be It is solved quickly and saves a lot of time. The professional service after the sale makes our dairy production operation smoother." The relevant person in charge of Yili said this.

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