4 Ton Condensing Steam Boiler In Limei Textile Group

4 Ton Condensing Steam Boiler In Limei Textile Group

4 Ton Condensing Steam Boiler In Limei Textile Group

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Limei Textile Group is a comprehensive group enterprise integrating spinning, weaving, trade, real estate and finance. The company has 7 offices in Beijing, Liaoning, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, covering 23 provinces and municipalities. And the autonomous region, in terms of technical equipment and quality control and control have reached the international advanced level. Limei Textile is guided by the national product policy and takes the user satisfaction as its tenet. It constantly learns advanced and applicable technologies and contributes to the sustainable development of China's textile industry.

Project proposals

In the textile processing process, Limei Textile Group Co., Ltd. is inseparable from the steam heat source provided by thermal equipment in dyeing, drying, pressing, setting, etc. In 2016, the related boiler equipment of Limei Textile Production Line could not meet the increasing The production demand, thus introduced the WNS series integrated condensing steam boiler produced by our company. The boiler is largely providing textile production assistance to Lime Textile.

Product advantages

The boiler combines the condenser and the economizer to effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature and maximize the fuel utilization rate. At the same time, it adopts industrial-grade PLC with strong anti-interference performance, multi-level authority control system and multiple interlock protection. Coexistence ensures high reliability and high security of the system.

Client Feedback

Our company's textile production has exploded in 2016, and while generating profits, thermal equipment has gradually failed to keep pace with production. The rapid emergence of China has solved the urgent need for us, which not only satisfies the daily textile product production demand, but also saves our company a running cost.

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